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Sophie Innmann

1986*, Münchberg

Unfortunately it still matters where in this world it happened to you to be born. We all need to fight against racism, sexism, lookism, ageism, ableism, -isms, for the day will come when birth won’t be the decisive factor for your future anymore. No nations, no borders!
But of course I can understand a certain interest of people in your cultural background. So here we go: I grew up in a small town in Upper Franconia, next to the Czech border. I learned riding bike on a dead-end highway behind the wall separating East- from West-Germany. The nature in this area is still suffering from the nuclear accident in Chernobyl in April 1986 and consuming for example mushrooms from the forest might be a risk for your health. I’m convinced this accident is also the reason why me and my childhood-friend who was my neighbour and was born one day after me, only have 3 instead of 4 lower incisors which appear to be identical on x-ray images. One day I will do an artwork about that.

I graduated from artschool in 2014. In 2015 I received a letter of invitation for a residency in Paris, but somehow I missed the detail that the residency will start 18 months later. When finding out about this, I had already quit my job, ended my relationship and left my flat. This was the turning point in my life when I decided to not spend any more money I earn from a shitty paid job into a way-to-high rent for a shitty room in a shared flat. I became a nomad and until now organize my life from project to residency to exhibition. It’s much more sustainable to invest into a network of artist friends, family and my car. I always bring beer.


Bild 1. selfie | 2017 | Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen, PVC floor, shell limestone, spray paint | foto by Manuel Franke
Bild 2. selfie | 2017 | Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen, PVC floor, shell limestone, spray paint
Bild 3. Mata² Alun² | 2019 | public space in and around Yogyakarta (ID), plastic chairs, sunshade, postcards, photographs, T-Shirts, passers-by, Instagram posts | foto by Muhammad Dzulqornain