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PJ Bruyniks

1962*, Amsterdam

As a child I often played with all kinds of materials to build temporary constructions. But when I “discovered” painting I thought I found my real interest. I wanted to learn how to paint as well as I could, so I studied techniques to master it myself. When I was nineteen I had my first exhibitions and I felt that my future was to be a painter. In my late twenties the (side-) jobs in combination with painting took more time and for years art making was on the back burner. So early in my forties I decided again to be a painter. I became a member of an Artist collective, initiated and organized art events and started to explore other art disciplines. This really took off when I entered the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and started to work with all different kinds of materials.
During the years at the academy I realized that making sculptural installations is what challenge me most. And which subjects fascinate me to start making things. Now I know that I am not a painter or sculptor but a constructor of things, just like I started as a child.


1. Universal Commemorative Statue (version NY) – 2019
2. CeraCons (Ceramic Constructables) – Michelangelo’s Pietà and David – 2019
3. Move, Don’t be a chicken, Move! – 2018