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Livia Rita

Livia Rita is a young visionary singer, designer and artist with an inexhaustible source of creativity and devotion to music, visual art and a progressive way of thinking. Livia Rita explores avant-garde ways of performing her synthesiser drenched music through a strong visual identity formed of art fashion and stylised movement designed by herself. Livia Rita’s eclectic musical style draws on a wide range of influences and genres, blending electronic pop effortlessly with experimental, classical and new wave styles. Wild, brutal textures meet vulnerable, otherworldly melodies in adventurous and emotional ways.

Bild 1. Visuals to the song JUST HAPPIER, 2018, Nina-Maria Glahé
Bild 2. SCREAM IT live in concert, 2019, Celine Antal
Bild 3. Visuals to the song EXPIRED CRYSTAL, 2018, Claudia Gschwend