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Leah Nehmert


Leah Nehmert’s artistic practice is driven by a deep exploration of various elements that embody growth, transformation, and interconnectedness. She finds inspiration in diverse sources such as colors, music, nature, and organic shapes. By selecting these subjects, Leah aims to capture their inherent potential for change and development, translating them into her artwork. She is also a member of fffff, an artists collective focusing on fermentation processes in order to explore the connections that make life possible at every scale. This practice also illustrates Nehmert’s interest in the notion of contamination; or how her studio practice and daily life are indivisible and inevitably influence each other. The work of Leah Nehmert was included in group exhibitions internationally, including at Kunsthaus Baselland, SVĚTOVA 1 (Prague) and Meyer Riegger in Karlsruhe. In 2021 and 2023, she had two solo shows at Gallery Ann Mazzotti and she will have her next solo show at Standard Deluxe (Lausanne) in November 2023.

Insta: @leahjjjoe