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Bob Negryn

1961*, Ireland

The High View
“At some point we all are tourists and for instance come to Switzerland for our holidays. My first time was at age 4, a family holiday to the Alps. I have returned many times. The impact of tourism particularly the impact it has on the landscape of the mountain regions of Switzerland interest me very much. The Alps are were urban people go to play, indulge their fantasies and relax. Tourism has altered the landscape of the Alps dramatically. Without tourism there would be almost no economic base for living and or working in the mountains. The Alps are more accessible than ever before. Through railways, roads, tunnels and a variety of cable cars every corner and mountaintop is now more than ever in any season easily within reach of the tourist. We think about the Alps as lovely and benign. Actually they can be dangerous, inhospitable and hostile. Looking at all these developments with admiration, criticism, indignation, wonder and desire. I, the photographer the artist and the tourist.”
Bob Negryn


Bild 1: The High View, Oberalpstrasse, 2015
Bild 2: Bob Negryn, The High View, Furi, 2015
Bild 3: The High View, Nufenen, 2012