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Anaïs Bloch

1986*, Lausanne

Anaïs Bloch is an artist, researcher, speaker and educator with experience at leading and producing art projects and ethnographic research. Most of her work involves researching objects, practices, gesture and physical environments, to explore possible social futures in situations of uncertainty. In 2014 she co-founded the collective Cleaning up after Gropius a group of researchers and artists exploring the blurred boundaries between anthropological research methods, art and design.
She is part of the Studio of Material Life an anthropological platform for collaborative work with art, craft, and materials science. She is also an active member of Marie Louise, https://marielouise.ch a collective of cartoonists and designers which favours the practice of drawing collectively and in situ. After a Bachelor degree in Product Design (University of Arts and Design in Lausanne – ECAL), she studied a Master in Material Culture in Anthropology (University College London – UCL). In 2016, she started working as a researcher at the Geneva school of art and design – HEAD – Genève on different projects related to anthropology, arts and design.


Bild 1. Mobile repair culture, research fanzines, 2017-2019, Foto: Anaïs Bloch
Bild 2. Repair gestures, painting, 2018, Foto: Anaïs Bloch
Bild 3. The Hairdresser, painting, 2019, Foto: Zoe Aubry